A Makeover for ‘Makeup By Stephanie’

Makeup By Stephanie is Old News

Makeup By Stephanie has been my alias for the past 10+ years.  The women who have used my makeup services, and anyone else who has seen my online ad campaigns over the years, have come to know (and even love) MBS – which really is just lil ole me by the way. They refer to me as that in the grocery store or post office in greeting me,  “Oh, I recognize you!  You’re Makeup By Stephanie, I see your before and afters online all the time!”,  to which I usually nod and thank them for following me…or discuss a client of mine who they mutually know.  I always feel appreciative in those moments (which happen frequently) because it confirms that my efforts have made an impact. Nevertheless, the time had come for my efforts to expand with my growing business.

   Change is Good?

For the past few months, which seems much longer, I have been letting the world know that I’ve freshened up and rebranded my line of cosmetics (including changing the name Makeup By Stephanie whom had become my alter ego) to Steph B Cosmetics.   I am getting a taste of my own medicine, so to speak, because I’m usually the one trying to evoke a change in someone else’s appearance and I am helping them get through the transition of what once was, and what now is.  Well, the tables have been turned!  (You can see below the new logo that was created for me, which I absolutely LOVE, and some of the process whereby the new labels for my products were being fitted and tried out with rough cuts, before the final print.)


The myriad of business changes I’ve made have most definitely rocked my world and I am hoping to have improved the experience for my ladies as well.   I’ve invested in a newly renovated home studio where I can now easily work with my Steph B Beauties in comfort and privacy, and I am stocked with the product inventory to supply my ladies their makeup and skincare.  I also now have an incredible new lighting setup in the studio that is a real treat to work in.  In hindsight, I was literally “in the dark” before I made that particular change.  You can see from my photos that I had an amazing contractor transform our office closet (which was a MESS of kid stuff, wrapping paper and other things we often dumped in there!) into a fully functioning makeup bar.  Now that’s a before and after I am most proud of.


One of the larger changes that has occurred in regards to my business, is the development of stephbcosmetics.com — which has forced me to put, in one succinct place, my business philosophy and all that encompasses Steph B Cosmetics.  When you put yourself out there, you tend to feel vulnerable and this public reveal is still something I am adjusting to.   I am hoping that by sharing both the experiences I have with my clients via this Blog, and the products that I utilize to achieve the results we are after, I can help empower women to recognize that they too can become the best looking version of themselves, without sacrificing what ultimately makes them unique.  To me, that is true beauty *swoon*.

Although business has never been better, at times lately, I feel like a fish out of water (how cliche, and how true).  I am in the process of restructuring my brain that change is good, and that all of these changes are really more improvements than anything else...although it certainly has not been easy for me in regard to said changes.   Admittedly, big change is hard for me, which has given me further insight in to many of my client’s souls, as of late.

Steph B Cosmetics is a Young Lady

I’ve been trying to think of this big change, in terms of the time in most girls’ lives when they transition from acting, looking and being “a girl” into acting, looking and actually being  “a young lady” (hopefully bypassing the dreaded teenage years without too many scars!).   I certainly went through this transformation myself (many years ago!) and am now reliving that same feeling with the changes of Makeup By Stephanie reshaping and becoming something more mature, in all ways.   Steph B Cosmetics is the result of that  transformation and I couldn’t be more proud to introduce her to you all!

I am so hopeful that this next chapter of my business in growing Steph B Cosmetics, will pave the way for even greater community impact as well as personal and professional goals to be reached that I have set for myself…to be revealed to you all here, as I experience it.

I’m always open to feedback, especially if it will enable me grow either personally or professionally, so feel free to comment on my post or anything you’ve seen on the site! Looking forward to helping more women put their best face forward in the future with, and as Steph B Cosmetics.


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