Am I Allergic To My Makeup?

If your makeup is leaving you red and itchy — whether it’s a longtime favorite product or one you’ve just tried for the first time — you may have makeup allergies. Common signs of skin allergies or irritation due to makeup are rashes, red bumps, itching, dry patches, blisters and pain [source: Mayo Clinic].

Amy’s Experience

When I met my client Amy K. back in November 2016, she was interested in makeup services for her son’s Bar Mitzvah, but was apprehensive due to her long-standing skin and eye allergies that were related to makeup.  She told me that she would love to look her best for the big day but wasn’t sure if Steph B Cosmetics would work for her without a huge breakout as a result (which would be uncomfortable on such a momentous occasion!)  We decided to do a trial run in advance to see if there would be a reaction.  She had previously tried all the big name brands without success so I knew there was a chance this could result in a reaction of some type.  I still went into the trial feeling confident in Steph B Cosmetics, despite the circumstances, knowing that I had formulated the line with these issues in mind.  Time to put the line to the test.

I was prepared to utilize products from Steph B’s mineral line which contain naturally radiant minerals and skin caring vitamins, for Amy’s eyes – her most sensitive area, as I thought this was our best option at a successful result.   I did ultimately decided to use my Luminous Foundation and my favorite Amber Concealer to even out her complexion on her less sensitive areas, to achieve the look I know Amy wanted.  Below is Amy’s before and after photos from the trial run makeup application. Notice that even skin tone!

The Results

I’m SO glad to say that after the makeover, she not only loved her result–she had NO BREAKOUTS!!  Amy texted me the following morning to let me know she “actually noticed my skin feels more hydrated and toned, even on my neck and eyes, my neck and chin are less red today.”  THIS MADE MY DAY — and is what  drives my passion for working with my clients these days.  Amy has a newfound freedom to express herself through beauty, where she had limits before.   These are the things that are truly important, more than what is ultimately cosmetic.  This is why I do what I do daily.

If you or someone you know has similar struggles with makeup and skincare reactions, I urge you to try Steph B Cosmetics–it worked for Amy!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns as you browse the site as we have friendly and educated staff on hand for your support.

Shop Amy’s Look:

SKINCARE: Peptide Eye Cream, Hydrating Day Protection SPF30, Vitamin C Lip Treatment.

FACE: Concealer (Amber), Tinted Primer SPF20 (Fair), Luminous Foundation (Linen), Dual Active Powder (Light Beige), Bronzer (Tropical Tan), Baked Blush (Plumeria).

EYES: Shadow Base, Mineral Shadow (Pink Water, Bronzite, Vanilla), Gel Eyeliner (Mystic), Luxury Mascara (Black).

LIPS: Waterproof Gel Lipliner (Cinnamon Sugar), Smooth Finish Lipstick (Ice Princess), Plumping Gloss (Enchanted).





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